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Last Updated on 03/10/2019

Central Office Address:

763 Anna Salai, Chennai-600002

Phone: +91 044-28524212

Do you have any queries or doubts? Would you like to contact someone at IOB? We’ll be happy to help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can contact our department heads for more information or help.

Sr. No.Name of Officer & DesignationNature of EnquiriesPhone/Fax No.E-mail ID
1Sri Mohammad Mothilal, Asst. General ManagerATM Installation & ATM Management related issues044-28519513iobmanagedservices[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
2Sri Mohammad Mothilal, Asst. General ManagerATM/Debit Cards, ATM Transactions, Digital Banking transaction Complaints & ATM Reconciliation issues atmcard[at]iob[dot]in
3Smt. Hyma Vardhani L, Asst. General ManagerInternet Banking/ Mobile Banking / UPI / IMPS / RTGS / NEFT  / BHIM  Aadhaar044-28519512eseeadmin[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
4Sri R Ravichandran, Chief ManagerATM/Visa Debit Card  related issues044-28519470, (3 * 7 days)atmcard[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
5Sri R Ravichandran, Chief ManagerATM Transactions related issues044-28519464              (10.00 AM to 5.00 PM)atmtxns[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in 
6a) Sri Ramit Manrai ManagerNEFT / RTGS Cell044-28889397rtgscell[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
b) Sri Parag H Petkar, Asst. Manager044-28584896
7Sri A Madhumohan, Chief ManagerInternet / Mobile Banking044-28889350, 044-28889338eseeadmin[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
8Sri Muhammad Rafih Hassan PMS, Chief ManagerAll Government Pension related issues044-28519567, 28519120, 28889384cppc[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
9Sri M. Sundaramoorthy, Chief ManagerCredit Card related issues044-71729701creditcard[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
10Sri S.V. Kannan, Chief Manager Retail Banking/Housing Loans/Education Loans044-28519490, 044-28519639mdd[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
11Sri Susil Chandra Mohanta, Deputy General ManagerAgri & Rural Initiatives Dept.044-28519410, 044-28519244scmohanta[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
12Sri Prafulla Kumar Mohapatra, Asst. General ManagerJewel Loan Cell044-28519675pcdagri[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
13Sri Rohit G Nitnaware, Chief ManagerMSME Department044-25819699msme[at]iob[dot]in
14Sri K Venkatesan, Asst. General ManagerBank Share holders044-2888 9392investorcomp[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
15Sri Anil Kumar Ranjan, Senior ManagerForeign Exchange Inward Remittance044-28519618fedcar[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in / nrihelp[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
16Sri K. Ramasamy, Chief ManagerForex Matters044-28519613, 044-28519501fedgen[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in
17Smt. Leena R V, Chief Manager Other Public Grievances044-28519448leenarv[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in 
18Smt. Uma Maheswari B, General ManagerCustomer Services Dept., Chennai044-28519511umamaheswarib[at]iobnet[dot]co[dot]in